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Our Motto is "Nothing is Impossible."   Just ask us, we will build you anything.  - Todd W. Byars, Founder

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Welcome!! 2021 has been a good year. Time for a preview of 2022.

In 2021, The Computer Dudes, Inc. finished design and established production of our #SolarOneMonolith series of Granite Cluster-Type Supercomputers powered entirely by the Sun and 100% off-grid, if the client wants.

The Monolithic Supercomputers are designed around a custom Modular Computer Core  we named "Gordo".   Each Gordo Core holds from 8 to 48 small form factor, low voltage computers.  The systems are preconfigured to client specifications.    Our current production level is 2 Monoliths per week. 

In 2022, we will be rolling out versions of the Monoliths running VMware.   We will continue to expand our Monolithic Data Center - now Online with a total of 5 monoliths.    We will also be rolling out new products such as the "Dark Monolith" - which generates electricity and several hybrid data center designs.

Our research has swung away from Clouds - back to Hardware Clustering and Virtualization to create safe networks for individuals, companies, and even the global corporations.

Todd W. Byars, Field Engineer, SE United States, Founder, Inventor, Builder, Advocate
Tallahassee, Florida   

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Gordo-8: A Systems and Pricing Review

on 19 Aug 2021  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Fashion  Comments: 2

The Computer Dudes, Inc's research on Single Board Computers, SBC,  that use very little electricity, back in the 1990s when they were only used for traffic signs and such.  The first one was a 80846 SBC.

For the last 3 years we have developed and are in production with the Gordo-8 and Gordo-12 Series.   The number beside the name indicates how many computers are in the cluster.  
The Gordo Series uses a round core which allows for many motherboards to be run in a cluster or as separate servers. 

Gordo-8 Base Configuration

Node Zero: Control Node
Node One:  Apache Server
Node Two:  Samba 4 Server with 1 Tb SSD, USB 3.1
Node Three:  Samba Node (controlled by Samba4 Server)
Node Four: Raspberrian Server or Workstation
Node Five: Backup Server for Files, Data and Video
Node Six:  CUPS / Printserver
Node Seven:  Routing and Security Server

Base Pricing
Gordo-8 Monolithic Solar:  $10,750

Gordo-8 Standard plug in / indoor version:  $6,450

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The Cloud Failed. "I came to bury it, not praise it." The solution to hacking and ransomware is - Virtualization and Hardware Based clustering.

on 03 Jul 2021  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

The Cloud FAILED and is now an Obsolete Architecture.    You can quote me on that if you like:  Todd W. Byars,  July 1, 2021

All Clouds should be replaced immediately with a hardware based solutions and FULL Virtualization.   Modern, real time, incremental backups are recommended too.

How to Implement a Switch from Clouds to Hardware Clusters running full Virtualization:

  • Create Transition Plan to move from Clouds to Hardware Clusters.    VMware is our primary recommendation.  VMware in Command Line Interface, CLI, without all the GUI controls, gauges and services.
  • Select Micro-ITX or smaller motherboard computers that run cool or even fanlessly. Select Linux Load (preferred) or Windows Load or Other Load Procedure
  • Build Hardware, Setup and Test with Dummy Loads and Dummy Database.  After burn in and load testing run your pentesting and QA
  • Migrate Data to new Hardware Based Clustering.
  • Test, Run Live, Stress Test, PenTest and verify those backups.
  • Turn Clouds Off.

This problem is LARGE and GLOBAL.  So, The Computer Dudes, Inc and I, once again, GIVE you the procedure to use and share.   

It is for everyone, everywhere, including our competition who we consider as brothers and sisters in IT rather than competition.  So PLEASE SHARE!  

Who's your pal?  ;)  Todd 

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Computer Dudes - Stand Down for 30 Days, Large Contract for Security Products Pending

on 14 Jun 2021  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments: 0

Computer Dudes - Stand Down for 30 Days, Large Contract for Security Products Pending

Continue All Projects.   Continue all Contracts.  Check on your clients. Verify Backups.  

No new clients for 30 days as Enterprise Level - International Security Group considers security product purchase and production.

We will continue to post on our line of Monolithic Solar Supercomputers, which are Polymorphic.    The Computer Dudes, Inc are still on track to the worlds first outdoor
off grid Data Center made of Granite Monoliths, requiring no wired connections that is sensor platform or public information kiosk friendly.

The primary benefit of our Solar One Monolith system is No Data Center Cost, No Electric Bill, No Air Conditioners, no hurricane proof buildings, no
need for huge backup generators with thousands of gallons of fuel. #solaronemonolith on LinkedIn 

That and it is designed to last 100 year with spare parts which are modular and preprogrammed for each client.  

Todd W. Byars
Field Engineer, Founder, Inventor, Teacher
The Computer Dudes, Inc
a Dunn and Bradstreet listed company

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2 days ago
Site Two Initated in the North Georgia Mountains today at an undisclosed location.

Gordo8, Class V, Monolithic Solar is now online and our install team is returning to Tallahassee this evening.

The Gordo8 placed will now begin to evaluate the site for sun and climate at this latitude and longitude.

The client or Computer Dudes of Engineer level or higher can all access any of the Monoliths remotely through their phone, laptop or any internet interface.

Site Two will became the 2nd Solar Monolithic Data Center on planet Earth about an hour ago.

Great Work! Thanks to everyone - :)Todd

1 week ago
The Computer Dudes, Inc of Tallahassee, Florida sold our 4th Solaronemonolith today.

Serial Number 004. A Gordo-8, Class V, Monolithic Solar. EC - Extended Capacity. The client doubled the number of batteries and added 2 extra solar panels, for use in winter in the mountains

This one will be loaded on a one of our trucks with a crew of 2 tech, driven to the site, setup and activated on Monday.

Cheers! :)Todd

2 weeks ago
Today I sold one Monolithic Super Computer. 1 vehicle, 2 websites and an engineering contract.

Hows that for a Monday!! :)T

3 weeks ago
We stopped using Facebook and buying advertising there about 3 years ago.

So it is with vast amusement we watched them get pwned .

That said, I do hope they fix and clean up Facebook. It might be nice to be able to use it again one day. - Todd W. Byars, and The Computer Dudes.

3 weeks ago
Atlanta or Sarasota - which is next on my engineering jobs list.

To be honest we don't mind working in OLD or NEW Data Centers. Cleaning servers, upgrading drives, instructing the staff.

The vacuum cleaners we use in a data center are highly airfilterd so they capture all the dust,

unlike the old days when the insides of the servers would get so dirty we would have to remove them from the racks and take them to the service truck outside and clean them.

Oh yeah and back then they were all 3U cases or larger.

Where would you rather go to work on a data center? :)T

1 month ago
hello, how can i solve this problem with this page showing? eyeg

1 month ago
Checking In from Savannah, Georgia... up here for a job and a few days vacation.

The city has grown and cleaned up since my last visit.

Savannah, Georgia is a port city, with heavy industry, technology and access deep into Georgia on the Savannah River.

Comms are Good. Power Infrastructure much improved since last visit.

I will be grading a Data Center tomorrow morning then plan to stay and enjoy the city for a few days.

Great clear cool Fall weather too. Hope you have a great weekend. Admin

1 month ago

Squawk: Eight-Five-Zero-Six-Eight-One-Seven-Five-Five-Two and IDENT

Bitte. Danke CorpRattX :)

1 month ago
StevenPib Pib

2 months ago
"Damn the COVID19! Full Speed Ahead!" - CDudes

With apologies to Rear Admiral David Glasgow Farragut for stealing and modifying his historic quote. ;)

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