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1 day ago
Download Link for Raspberry Pi OS 64 Bit Here:

The Raspberry Pi Imager version 1.6.2 supports a Ubuntu 64 Bit version you may select in the Operating System window too.

Make a note of it. :)T

1 day ago
AARM64 / AArch64 boosts the Raspberry Pi 4B series ultra-fast, ultra-portable, and ultralowpower consumption.
We may offer a line of AARM64 based workstations and server that run off a phone battery pack or portable solar panel.
It runs on a 5 V USB C type power connector, allowing its use anywhere for long periods of time. :)T

2 days ago
Our latest Data Center design for Indoor Data Centers looks like a giant box of colored pencils or a rack of test tubes with tapered angular tops.

The rest of the design is modular including the power, fiber, copper and wifi hookups.

This form uses the shape of the land and the recapture of waste heat to achieve maximum efficiency.

Maximum efficiency = FAR LESS power use than the competition regardless of computer architecture, design and function.

These are designs for an Enterprise Level Data Center the Size of a small factory to larger than a football stadium - and its all modular, including the building.

As our motto says and has said since 1997 "Nothing is Impossible."

Founder, Inventor, Leader, Teacher,
SE US Regional Field Engineer,
Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes

1 week ago
One Mile WiFi extension kits - Off the Shelf Kit.

We do custom WiFi Extensions and Networks, including off grid networking, wifi, and repeaters.

This is not our product but is one we can use with our Monolithic Supercomputer or Large Campus Type corporate, government or university setups.

We can put data on just about any carrier wave too, regardless of frequency and with the correct antenna types. - Thomas Riker, Engineer, SE United States.

1 week ago
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1 week ago
Research Group 31A created.
This group will work on an Astogation and Navigation version of the RPI 4Bs. This will be for spacecraft and aerospace mostly. They can also be used as backup computers if the aircraft or computers all fail or lose power.

Want to join the group and work with me? Just let me know. Thanks - Todd

1 week ago
Research Group 16C - Reports "low energy plasma" electricity transfer test set 2, is complete, and shows superconductor properties exist in this type and level of energy transfer. Excellent work!

This project is a subset of: ITER, the International Fusion Project - superconductor options and research, for Tokamak based fusion. :)T

1 week ago
One of our R&D groups has ordered the motherboards for the Gordo-4I series. 4, Intel Motherboards heavy with memory per computer core for the 2022 market.

Lastly we may have a new manfacturer for "The Cage", which will allow for mass production.

Both work with the Gordo Scalable Core System and have "outdoor solar powered monolithic" as a form option. :)T

2 weeks ago
Some of the Dudes came by on today, Saturday and we put Monolith SN 007 in the Ground and moved the Black Monolith to the center position in our development and production outdoor data center.

The Black Monolith is a 2022 or 2023 product, it generates electricity with special panels and airflow setup.

It is our Off Grid Data Center BACKUP power system with a wire to each Monolith which can recharge critically low batteries.

Each Monolith has its own Battery and can run for 10 days or more of its battery. The Backup Power Monolith will run the whole outdoor data center for 2 or more days.

Everything has automated sensors and switches that transfer the power automatically or that we can access remotely to transfer power or change #solaronemonolith configuration and function.
Thanks Computer Dudes hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday. :)T

2 weeks ago
Gordo-8 Scalable Computer Core build and setup video posted under Todd W Byars LinkedIn profile.
It included a warning to those who wish to copy our work but we like the idea of others making their own versions, and home versions, and van versions, and office versions.
Or its least expensive to just buy one of ours because its configured and loaded to your specs AND we support our products.

Cool, huh? :)T
Sat, Nov 13, 2021

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