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Our Motto is "Nothing is Impossible."   Just ask us, we will build you anything.  - Todd W. Byars, Founder

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Computer Dudes - Reporting from Bermuda

on 10 Jun 2024  Posted by CorpRattX  Category: Technology  Comments (0)

Report from Bermuda

Toured Dockyards and Old British Navy Fort and Prison. Tour of local area near sea port and history.

For Global Cooling Project: Houses here are built from quarried Limestone including the roof of the building. All roofs are painted White every 2 years. Water is in short supply especially in the last century. All houses have a cistern under or beside house and water is collected from the rain and special gutters which drain in to cistern. A cistern is a round often open topped tank build of brick or stone.

White roofs and cisterns a technology from more than 2 centuries ago are still viable options to help with global warming and water shortages.

Golf with friends and business contacts from UK and Europe at Turtle Hill Fairmount Golf Course. Technology and Security discussed along with #solaroneballoon and #solaronedroneballoon. Solar Power and #solaronedatacenter which requires no building and can withstand a hurricane and power outages.

Discussed Drone Defense course for civilians including beam guns and plasma antennas. Uplink technology and communications upgrades also discussed.

Also discussed new 800 Watt per solar panel technology that is now for sale around the world as well as hybrid Solar / Electric air conditioning units.

I am aboard the NCL Gem and we are in Bermuda for 2 more days then on to Maine and finally back to Boston.

A vacation that is both business and pleasure is a good thing - especially if one does not plan too much.

I am having a great time and the food, entertainment, pools, and people on the ship are all very nice.

More soon...


Todd W. Byars
Computer Dudes
Global Operations and Services

#computerdudes #research #technology #powersystems #solar and #waterpurification

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3 days ago
The Meta Quest 3 - FAILS AGAIN!!

We waited a seven months since our first evaluation of the Meta Quest 3 and its games and software.

Today it failed at the following games: Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Remio: World, Remio: Tron Disc Game, Swordsman, Drone Trainer and a few others.

It was slow, it overheated, it went through the battery like a kid goes through a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Bandwidth - it needs A LOT of bandwidth and low latency (which we have).

It still crashes frequently.

UNBELIEVABLE coming from Meta, Formerly Facebook, one of the biggest companies on the planet

It has not gotten better since the first review - it has gotten worse!!

Based on the software and "worlds" upgrading the the Meta Quest 4 will not improve things. :( Todd

5 days ago
How to keep Google from searching sites with answers you do not want or that are inaccurate?



You can make a whole list of sites to block in a text file on your computer then just cut and paste them all at each search.

It works great on getting false information or ads or sponsored sites.

Regards - Todd
Computer Dudes

6 days ago
I completed training on the Bridge of the U.S.S. Aegis: NX-1787. An Aegis Class Starship this morning by completing training on Helm, Tactical, Engineering and the Captains Chair by completing the first mission. It was great fun.
Now we need to figure out how to get the People of Earth to spend less on War and more on building Starships, Starbases and Colonies on other Planets. Regards - Todd

1 week ago
I just ordered the 2025 FAR/AIM and a Drone Flight School training manual.

The new FAR/AIM is not released until August 1st.

I am going to take the next step in Drones and Drone Training and get my Drone Pilots License.

This will be needed for our #droneballoon and #cargodrone projects.

I do not think of the training as school or work - I think of it as fun! Great stuff! - Todd

1 week ago
Job Alert: It just came in over the email that an Enterprise Level Corporation or State Agency is looking for an Azure Architect in the Tallahassee, Florida Area.

This is not a job with Computer Dudes but we would be happy to share the contact information.

If you are interested and qualified please contact us as soon as possible. Regards - Todd

1 week ago
Today I learned to Pilot a Starship!

We decided to take a break from programming environments on the Meta Quest 3 - and loaded Start Trek: Bridge Crew by Ubisoft.

The game begins on the Simulated Bridge of the U.S.S. Aegis: NX-1787.
The first lesson is on the Helm and How to Navigate the Ship.

Great fun and after the Meta Quest 3 recharges, I will probably explore the game further.

We are having a record heat wave here in the South Eastern United States so its a good day to play games.

Stay Cool! - Todd

1 week ago
Computer Dudes is making the transition to an open source research and development not for profit company.

As you see on our website we have given our ideas and inventions to the world for years.

Computer Dudes - its employees, contractors and friends all agree Quality is much better than Money.

We further agree to help the world as well as the work being done in Space.

Computer Dudes, Founded 1997, Tallahassee, Florida by, me, Todd W. Byars in Tallahassee, Florida

1 week ago
Ten Days of Good News, Day Ten - Electric Bikes and Offroad Vehicles.

The new electric bicycles would certainly be adored by the Wright Brothers (who built bikes into airplanes).
I like the way one can pedal and use the bike like those from my childhood but at the same time it recharges the battery.
Electric Golf Carts and Offroad Vehicles are awesome too.
All of these help get a person outside of the house, or off the couch and provide many days of fun and adventures.

2 weeks ago
Ten Days of Good News, Day Nine - UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

When you live anywhere there is a power grid - especially here in Florida - expect power outages and even for the power to blink on and off for no apparent reason

If you had told me even ten years ago that I could store Terabytes of information on a USB Drive or SSHD that is smaller than my wallet, I would have asked you what you were smoking.
Today they are a reality and even come in metal cases that are many colors and shapes to help identify the data stored on them.

Originally the standard was for the UPS to give the User 10 minutes to shut down. Now UPS units act as surge protectors and give low power use computers up to an hour to work and shut down.

2 weeks ago
Ten Days of Good News, Day Eight - USB, SSHD and Portable Hard Drives

If you had told me even ten years ago that I could store Terabytes of information on a USB Drive or SSHD that is smaller than my wallet, I would have asked you what you were smoking.
Today they are a reality and even come in metal cases that are many colors and shapes to help identify the data stored on them.

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